Our mission and values

HAVEN began serving clients in 1979. Over more than three decades, HAVEN has worked to both provide safe intervention for survivors of domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault, as well as to prevent future violence from occurring. It is thanks to our community’s generosity that we are able to provide empowering, supportive, life-saving programs.

Our Vision

We envision a community knowledgeable about domestic abuse, fully engaged and committed to the safety and well-being of its members.

Our Mission

HAVEN is committed to reducing the incidence and minimizing the impact of domestic abuse on families and communities. We provide emergency shelter, crisis intervention, on-going support, referrals, and education.

Our Values

  • We believe our community should support every individual’s right to a safe home environment.
  • We believe individuals have the right to self-determination and respect.
  • We believe a community promoting equality and individual empowerment will be free of abuse.
  • We believe what an individual says about their experience is true.
  • We believe we are accountable to the survivors and their participation in the organization is essential.
  • We believe the manner in which we work toward our goals is as important as realizing them, and therefore are committed to empowering and liberating ways of working together.
  • We believe education and understanding are vital to individual and community change.
  • We believe in order to have peace in the world; there must be peace in the home.

HAVEN’s Commitment to Inclusivity

At HAVEN, we approach each person as a complex individual with their own unique background, worldview and challenges and opportunities. That is why we are committed to working with any and all survivors of intimate partner violence.

  • We ensure our policies are supportive to anyone of any gender identity or sexual orientation
  • We believe everyone has the right to a safe relationship, regardless of their citizenship, national origin or immigration status
  • We support meaningful access to cultural traditions, and religions and spiritual practices
  • We are committed to working with survivors facing challenges beyond the abuse, including disabilities, mental health, substance abuse and poverty
  • We do our best to accommodate any language barriers survivors have
  • We understand that domestic violence occurs among all races and ethnicities and are committed to working with anyone experiencing violence
  • We know domestic violence can happen in dating relationships, as well as marriages, and are committed to working with survivors, regardless of their marital status

Compromiso de HAVEN de Inclusión

En HAVEN, tratamos a cada persona como un individuo complejo con sus propios y únicos antecedentes, visión del mundo, desafíos y oportunidades. Por eso estamos comprometidos a trabajar con todos y cualquiera de los sobrevivientes de violencia entre pareja íntima.

  • Aseguramos de que nuestras políticas apoyen a cualquier persona de cualquier identidad de género u orientación sexual
  • Creemos que toda persona tiene el derecho a una relación segura, sin importar su ciudadanía, origen nacional o estatus migratorio
  • Apoyamos acceso significativo a tradiciones culturales, religiones y prácticas espirituales
  • Estamos comprometidos a trabajar con los sobrevivientes que se enfrentan a desafíos más allá del abuso, incluyendo discapacidades, salud mental, abuso de sustancias y pobreza
  • Hacemos todo lo posible para acomodar cualquier barrera lingüística que tengan los sobrevivientes
  • Comprendemos que la violencia doméstica ocurre en todas las razas y etnias y estamos comprometidos a trabajar con cualquier persona que está experimentando violencia
  • Sabemos que la violencia doméstica puede ocurrir en relaciones de citas románticas, así como matrimonios, y estamos comprometidos a trabajar con sobrevivientes, sin importar su estado civil

Our Services

Our services are for any victim or survivor of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

  • Emergency shelter
  • 24 hour support line
  • Legal advocacy
  • Adult support group
  • Kid’s Group
  • Individual counseling
  • Community education