I really didn’t know about HAVEN, never was involved in this type of situation… Kelly (HAVEN’s Legal Advocate) let me know she would be available to help me in any way, even if it was for a moral support call… Like myself, many people who have this experience are out in left field with not much information. Kelly informed me about all of it and then some, and continued to keep in contact just in case I needed her. Kelly is a gem!

At HAVEN I had a chance to recover from the damage of emotional and physical abuse, find a job, get straight on my feet and become self-sufficient and independent again. Thank you HAVEN staff and all who make this place possible!

I had never been attacked or experienced an assault, until I was attacked, beaten and stalked by a family member. The Bozeman Police Department gave me information about HAVEN and after a week of staying in four different hotels, I reached out for help. They offered me safety, security and a place to stay where I was protected and cared for. The services provided were invaluable: protection, security, safety, counseling and a legal advocate to help walk me through the system. I received kindness and caring from an understanding team of professionals. I am very thankful and now very hopeful.

I received not only support, assistance and direction during an abusive situation, but physical presence during a court appearance, which was reassuring. I also had a sympathetic, listening ear that was encouraging and helpful, and reassured me that I was not alone and that the abuse was not my fault.

Don’t second-guess that gut feeling. Get to HAVEN and don’t look back. You don’t have to feel this way anymore–go now!

When I was looking into getting a protection order for my daughter, I had no idea where to begin. When I contacted Kelly at HAVEN, she got right on the ball and let me know what I needed to do. She always kept in contact with me and kept me very informed. When my case got a little messy and complicated she pointed me in the direction I needed to go. I appreciate everything HAVEN has done for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I was showered with an abundance of help. A lot of support came my way. Emotional support, metal health care and medical care were offered to me from [HAVEN]. I found from attending the group meetings that I was not the only one who has lived with such torment.

I finally had a place where I felt safe, where I could think of what needed to be done to put my life back together. Not only did [HAVEN] save my life by offering a safe place and so very much support in all aspects that I need at the time, but they literally saved my life.

I had no one to turn to until I called [HAVEN]. They check to see if I was safe and asked me what was going on, talked to me and listened. I felt understood and also felt empathy from them. They told me of other services should I need further assistance. I felt supported. I called a few more times when I felt I needed that assistance or support.

Without the help of this vital support team, I wouldn’t have been able to stay strong.

This is a wonderful service for women! Women need to become more aware and comfortable to reach out to this! Thank you Kelly for your support and information!

I was afraid to stay at home that night. I had no money and nowhere else to go, but I called [HAVEN]. They offered to put me up. I was so scared. Staying at [HAVEN] shelter gave me the choice and time I needed to think about myself and to make sure I was safe. I was so grateful to have a choice. I’m not sure what I would have gone home to that night. I’m glad I didn’t have to.

I attend Monday night group. I can share my feelings in a safe environment and listen to others stories of women like me and know I’m not alone or crazy and so on. It’s a form of support I haven’t found anywhere else. I may go there feeling down, or drained, but always seem to come out feeling renewed and it supports me and gives me the strength I need to make wise choices for myself in the week to come.

I am so grateful and blessed to have [HAVEN] as support. When the churches and counselors let me down [HAVEN] was there. My hope is for there to be a [HAVEN] near all abused people in need. Help break the cycle.

I will be forever grateful to my therapist for her dedication and direction. I have found my softness again and have feelings for the first time in over ten years. I thought I could heal myself, and tried for over seven years. For me, therapy was a life changing endeavor.

I want to thank you for all that you did for me. Letting me stay there and helping me get back to Michigan which I did do on Labor Day. Sorry I didn’t write before this but I didn’t have any money to buy stamps and cards. Anyway, thank you again and if somewhere along the life I can help pay you back, I will.

[HAVEN] itself provided a very safe, caring environment for my children and me when we had to stay while my family was out of town. Because of this support I feel so much better about myself. Within 3 months of my arrival I was able to work, provide for my children, and have a beautiful home, have my life and my freedom.
The staff and volunteers helped me to learn that no one deserves to be controlled by another person and that abuse is not my fault. It was through both the tangible resources and the compassionate support of [HAVEN] staff and volunteers that I have moved forward.

During the six weeks after I left my home you provided stability, love and passion. Knowing that you were near gave me the courage to get through each day. From my first call to you, to our visit in the park, to my taking the risk to come to the shelter, I felt safe and supported. Thank you for all that you have done for me and for all those whose lives you touch. You are my angel I know for sure but also many other’s angel.

I was in a domestic abuse situation with a violent partner and when I needed somewhere to turn, HAVEN was there and more than willing to help. I received guidance and support from many incredible women. In these types of situations, that support is an amazing thing to have and HAVEN supports all the decisions you make on your own, and helps you with the difficult ones too.

Thank goodness for [HAVEN]. I’ve learned that I don’t have to do or others what they must do for themselves. Every day I am stronger and focus on the positive people and wonderful daily activities of my day.

What a breath of fresh air! Persons like I need to know that personal and legal advocacy are available. The path to feeling whole may be slow and cumbersome, but I think with the support of family, friends and [HAVEN], I can be at peace.

It was a comfort to see a familiar face in court while I had to testify during my divorce hearing.

How refreshing it has been to be in the company of women who have passed down the same road as I. There is truth in the old saying “there is comfort in numbers”. I feel as though I have grown through attending these meetings and gained a certain strength and pride in myself once more and fell that I am now a contributing member of this community. Personal or one on one therapy is helping to heal the spirit in me that was broken through this experience. By having this type of therapy it is helping to heal the wounds.