What should I do if I am being stalked?

If you are being stalked, call our support line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 406-586-4111

If you are in immediate danger, you should call 911.

  • Tell the stalker to leave you alone clearly and firmly. Do not negotiate with your stalker.
  • Keep a log of incidents including the date, time, what happened, and the names of any witnesses. Even if you decide not to pursue prosecution, you may change your mind and it will be helpful to have documentation of every incident.
  • If you have an Order of Protection, make several copies, and carry a copy with you at all times.
  • Save any packages, letters, messages, or gifts from the stalker. They may be important if you decide to report to the police.
  • To keep your address confidential, get a post office box and use it on all correspondence. Put this address on your checks. If you are being sent something from Federal Express or another company that won’t mail to P.O. Boxes, change “P.O. Box” to “Apartment” when giving your address.
  • Use an answering machine to screen calls. Save all voicemail messages from the stalker, or record them to a tape recorder and save the tapes.
  • Contact your phone carrier to report cell phone harassment and get help in documenting unlawful phone calls.
  • You can have your phone reject calls from anonymous or unknown callers by contacting your local telephone service provider.
  • Acquaint yourself with 24-hour stores and other public, highly populated areas in your neighborhood. If someone is following you, never go directly home.
  • Inform security at your place of employment that you are being stalked.
  • Inform friends, family, neighbors, and other people you know that you are being stalked so that the stalker cannot get information about you from them.
  • If you have a picture of your stalker, give one to people you know at the places you frequent.

Stalking Incident Log

If you’re being stalked, careful documentation of the who, what, when and where will help with any legal remedies. Print this page out and record each incident.