Financial Contributions

Your gift to HAVEN will help provide new beginnings for survivors of domestic abuse across the Gallatin Valley. Thank you! We promise to be thoughtful, responsible and efficient stewards of donor money, and believe in transparency and trust. Remember, all donations are 100% tax deductible since we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit. All donations will be followed up with a formal receipt for tax purposes.

Donate online

Your gifts make an impact. Your support can help protect Montana’s families and help them rebuild their lives free of abuse. Below are some examples of how your dollars are set into action:

  • $25 could provide one-hour of Legal Advocacy so that a survivor can file an Order of Protection or one-hour of community education so that we can stop the cycle of abuse in our community
  • $50 can provide a support group for 20 women and children
  • $151 could provide two nights of shelter and basic necessities for a mother and her two children fleeing abuse
  • $561 could provide a safe haven for survivors by maintaining our shelter’s security system for six months
  • $1,053 could provide all HAVEN’s services and protect a mom and her two children throughout the course of an entire year
  • $2,250 could cover the crisis line for four months, ensuring someone is available 24/7 to help survivors

Send your donation

Make checks payable to HAVEN and send to:

P.O. Box 752
Bozeman, MT 59771

Alternative Gift-Giving this Holiday Season

Is your donation to HAVEN in lieu of a gift for a loved one this holiday season? If so, email Erica at and let her know the name and address of the recipient. We will send them a card in the mail, informing them of your donation in their name. What a wonderful way to spread some joy this holiday season!

Gifts in Memoriam

Do you know a supporter of our cause that has passed away? Leave a legacy for them by making a gift in their honor. We will make sure their family or friends are notified of your gift. Make sure to include the name of the honoree and an address where we can send notification of the gift.

Host a Fundraiser

Hosting a party or event for HAVEN is a great way to spread the word about our work, raise vital funds, and encourage your friends to join the cause! Click here for HAVEN’s  Event Proposal Form and Terms & Conditions for 3rd party fundraising events. To submit your proposal, send the completed proposal form to either, or via snail mail to PO Box 752, Bozeman, MT 59771. Need ideas for what to plan? Click here for Fundraiser ideas!

Please note that if your proposed event requires permits or will have alcohol on-site, the event must be voted on by the HAVEN Board of Directors. Therefore, please submit your proposal at least two months in advance if it requires permits or alcohol will be present.

Donations in Action

Your donation sets our mission into action and allows us to provide quality comprehensive services to survivors and their families. We believe in financial efficiency and transparency. Please read through our annual report which highlights the distribution of our funding. The report also contains information about the number of services provided to clients in the past year thanks to the committed support of our donors. We have also broken down some of the costs of our services so that our donors have a better sense of how much it really costs to support a survivor in various ways. For further information about what is happening at HAVEN and how we are responsibly spending our donated funds, sign up for our newsletter (sign up located to the left on our home page).