Domestic violence websites

Websites about sexual abuse

Websites about children and child abuse

Websites about teen dating violence

  • Expect Respect – For girls thinking about dating.
  • – Helps teens determine whether they are in an abusive relationship and what a healthy relationship looks like.
  • thatsnotcool – Tools for teens to stop textual harassment and other forms of teen dating pressure. This site is geared towards teens.
  • Lessons From Literature – Enlists English teachers to use reading materials that facilitate discussion about domestic and sexual violence in order to prevent future abuse.
  • Texas Advocacy Project’s Teen Justice Initiative – Collaborating with other groups about teen’s legal rights in teen dating violence and also offers legal assistance to teens in Texas who are in abusive relationships.

Websites about intimate partner violence in LGBTQ relationships

Websites about bulling and cyber-bullying

Resources for male survivors and victims of domestic violence

Websites for men concerned about domestic violence

Faith based websites dealing with domestic violence