Survivor Advocacy

What is an advocate?

An advocate is a person who has been trained to respond to domestic violence and sexual assault. An advocate’s primary concern is assisting a survivor to develop a plan for immediate and long term safety.

An advocate’s job is to:

  • Listen to an individual and problem solve with them rather than for them.
  • Assist an individual in identifying abusive patterns and behaviors within their intimate relationship.
  • Offer survivors information about their rights and discuss legal or non-legal options.
  • Assist in developing a safety plan that is tailored to fit the needs of the individual.
  • Honor the decisions individuals make in regard to their immediate and long term safety.
  • Offer individual and group support as well as community resource information and referrals.

You can call the free and confidential HAVEN Support Line 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

(406) 586-4111