Community Education

HAVEN is actively engaged in educating the greater community on domestic violence. We believe that an important step in addressing domestic violence is focusing on prevention, as well as crisis intervention. HAVEN advocates coordinate with students in the schools of Gallatin County to create peer education programs. In these programs, students in middle school and high school have the opportunity to learn about teen dating violence and teach their peers about relationship violence and respect.

HAVEN is committed to educating and collaborating with other first respondents such as law enforcement, the medical community, businesses, the legal system, social services, teachers, friends and families. Upon request, advocates will do presentations to educate groups on issues related to domestic violence such as orders of protection, local services, and how to help someone in an abusive relationship. HAVEN is involved in many collaborative efforts in Gallatin County such as the Domestic Violence Response Team and Sexual Assault Response Team which attempt to create more streamlined community approach to dealing with domestic and sexual violence. HAVEN also works very closely with The HELP center and MSU’s VOICE center to raise awareness and dialogue in the community through presentations, training sessions and events.

HAVEN supports a Community Education Specialist who facilitates presentations on domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking to communities all over Gallatin County.  She also works in collaboration with professionals who work with survivors of sexual violence to provide continuing training on best practices related to domestic and sexual violence.

If you would like HAVEN to lead a presentation about domestic violence to your group, please call (406) 586-7689