Confidential Domestic Violence Shelter

The goal of our shelter is to provide a safe space where a woman can escape crisis and plan for a future free from violence. Our shelter offers comprehensive services including counseling, life skills and guidance on obtaining community resources. HAVEN has a 15-bed shelter in a confidential location. Motels are used for male victims, families with boys over aged 17, and when the shelter is at capacity.

How to be admitted to the shelter

The primary initial point of contact between HAVEN and clients is through the crisis line. Once we get to know the client and the situation, we can start to discuss options like shelter.

What is the shelter like?

HAVEN’s shelter is located in a residential area of Bozeman. The shelter site is confidential to maintain the anonymity and safety of clients. The shelter can hold up to 15 women and children. Our shelter is an ordinary house with a total of four bedrooms, fifteen beds, a kitchen, two bathrooms, a living/dining room, a playroom, and a counseling office. Support group is held in the counseling office of the shelter. The shelter even has a fenced backyard with a small garden. Advocates and other staff work in an office next to the shelter. This safe space is a haven of hope for the families in crisis or transition.