Counseling & Support Groups

Individual Therapy

The HAVEN counselor provides individual therapy sessions to clients. Our counselor offers 20 hours of therapy a month on a first come first serve basis. All sessions are free and confidential. Our clients may request sessions by calling the crisis line and speaking with their advocate. One on one sessions address issues regarding self-esteem, understanding needs, recognizing feelings, learning effective ways to communicate with others, healing from abuse and personal growth. Individual therapy is a client driven process where clients set personal goals they would like to achieve during individual sessions.

Adult Support Group

The Adult Support Group meets weekly on Monday nights at the shelter for an hour and a half. These sessions are open to women staying in the shelter and women in the community and to women at all stages in the healing process. During these sessions, our facilitator Ania leads discussion about current or past abuse. Members of the group are encouraged to share their experiences and relate with the experiences of their peers. The HAVEN counselor educates the women on patterns of abuse, life skills, personal finances, effective communication, healing from abuse, self esteem and more. Clients who attend the Adult Support Group have realized that they can make positive changes in their life and the lives of their children. Victims find courage to get orders of protection, reconnect with their families, learn new life skills, become economically self-sufficient, and to live their life expecting respect. To attend Adult Support Group, call (406) 586-7689 for directions to our confidential site.

Children’s Support Group

The Children’s Support Group is for the children of the clients who attend Adult Support Group which meets at the same time at the Shelter. This gives women an opportunity to attend Support Group without worrying about finding a babysitter. The children’s group is facilitated by trained HAVEN advocates. Even if not directly involved, all children are impacted by seeing, hearing, and witnessing abuse or the aftermath. It is important that we do not forget their role in the situation and their need for healing. During meetings, children and teens are educated about domestic violence, healthy relationships, dating violence and a variety of other topics. Children and teens participate in activities that boost self-esteem and communication skills.

Three Forks Area Support Group

We are excited to announce that we will be holding a weekly peer support group for victims that live in the Three Forks area. The group will be run the same way as our weekly meetings at the shelter but will allow clients that live farther away to benefit from this service. If you are interested in attending the Three Forks Area Support Group, please call our crisis line, 406.586.4111.

Friends and Family Support Group

We understand that friends and family of victims can be in a very difficult and frustrating position. We’re glad that we are able to extend a once monthly support group to those individuals to help them learn the best way to support their loved one. If you are interested in attending our Friends and Family Support Group, please call our crisis line, 406.586.4111.