Legal Advocacy

What does the Legal Advocate do?

Our Legal Advocate supports survivors of domestic and sexual violence as they navigate the court system.  The Legal Advocate explains general court procedures and paperwork and offers support at a confusing and difficult time. The Legal Advocate is housed at the Law and Justice Center in Bozeman and is available to help participants obtain temporary and permanent orders of protection by providing and assisting participants with the appropriate paperwork and accompanying survivors to their hearings. The Legal Advocate provides services to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking.  Our Legal Advocate can also provide participants with support and referrals for other related legal matters such as child custody, marriage dissolution, and letters of no trespass. Please note that this program CANNOT assist with legal representation. HAVEN has an attorney who can provide free legal representation to those who qualify. For a referral to our attorney please call the support line or the legal advocacy office.

To schedule a meeting with the legal advocate, and to learn more about filing for orders of protection, go to

For more information, please call the HAVEN Legal Advocate at (406) 582-2038.

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