End the Silence

Domestic violence has a long history of being seen as a private family matter, rather than the public health epidemic we know it is today. End the Silence, HAVEN’s survivor speakers’ bureau, shines a light on the darkness surrounding domestic violence. To educate the community, this group of survivors presents their own experiences with domestic violence with the public through the first person narrative. These talented survivors are actively breaking the stigma around domestic violence, and mobilizing our community to end domestic violence. Each fall they speak at HAVEN’s annual fundraiser, Taste of HAVEN, and presented at TEDx Bozeman in April 2016. ¬†Watch a video of End the Silence from TEDx Bozeman here.

If you are interested in learning more about End the Silence, please call (406) 586-7689 to speak with HAVEN’s Outreach Coordinator, Emily Kempe.